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Thanks for taking a look at what we can do for you. We appreciate the time and effort you have taken to find a company that will look out for your interests and fight for the best coverages you can get. You are our best salesperson. We WILL take care of you!


VIP Insurance Professionals strives to provide excellent customer service and professional attention to all of our clients and their needs. VIP Insurance Professionals will provide the best insurance solutions for all of Arizona offices in Tucson, Phoenix and Prescott.


To develop and establish a successful private business that demonstrates excellence in sales growth and multiple lines revenue generation. VIP Insurance Professionals will be the best multi-company brokerage in Arizona that will provide the most comprehensive ability to shop around for the best possible rates for all potential clients.  VIP Insurance Professionals has a stable goal of providing high pay potential with excellent training to employ the best professionals in the industry.



I have not had any accidents or violations, so why do my auto insurance premiums continue to increase?

An insurer's premium increases are a direct reflection of the countrywide or statewide pool of losses that the insurer experiences. The losses of the few within the insurer's pool of policyholders are paid for by all policyholders within the pool. This is the basic premise upon which the concept of insurance is based and without which no insurance would be available. This does not mean that your own favorable loss experience cannot be recognized. Various insurers give numerous discounts to policyholders which recognize their excellent driving records. (See next question for type of discounts.) Other reasons for the increase in the cost of auto insurance are attributable to the costs to settle losses such as the costs to repair vehicles and the medical costs for injured persons which continue to rise. The increase in lawsuits is also a major factor in insurer rate increases.

What is covered under Comprehensive coverage?

Some of the coverages provided under Comprehensive include theft of all or part of the vehicle, glass breakage, and damage due to fire, windstorm, hail, water, falling objects, vandalism, explosion, or hitting a bird or animal.

What is covered under Collision coverage?

Collision coverage pays if your auto collides with an object, including another car, or if it overturns. Your insurer will pay to repair these damage even if the collision is your fault.

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