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The ONLY Long Term Insurance in the State of Arizona!

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Affordable coverage that Arizonans can count on. Plans designed to meet all needs.

For individuals, families and small businesses looking for better and more affordable healthcare coverage options, Meritus is a new kind of health insurance company. Much more than a health insurance provider, we believe that it is our mission to promote wellness and preventive care in order to improve the health of all Arizonans. To promote our vision for a healthier Arizona, some of our plans include incentives for people to be - and stay - healthy, including reimbursement for gym membership, coverage for alternative therapies, and acupuncture. We do this because we think there is a better way to be healthy.

Below is a snapshot of three of our 30 health insurance plans. We're offering you more choices so you can find the plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. To view all our plans and start your shopping experience, click on the "Get Started" box.

Cooperatively Together

This Gold HMO plan features a moderate deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

  • $0 co-pay PCP visits - routine care

  • $0 co-pay generic maintenance Rx

  • $5 co-pay generic non-maintenance Rx

  • $50 co-pay for visits to a Specialist

It also includes Complementary and Alternative Medicine benefits through Naturopathic Medical Doctors, Licensed Acupuncturists and Licensed Massage Therapists.

Clear Choice Gold

A competitively priced Gold PPO plan with moderate out-of-pocket maximum.

  • Robust PPO network

  • Low Deductible: $1,500 individual per year; $3,000 for a family

  • $0 co-pay Generic Maintenance Drugs

  • $0 co-pay PCP visits

  • $50 co-pay Specialist visit

  • $75 co-pay Urgent Care visits

Affordable Silver

For those individuals looking to have more energy, decrease pain, reduce stress, learn to eat better, or to simply stay healthy and active, the Affordable Silver PPO plan with Complementary and Alternative Medicine benefits could be a good choice for you.

  • $20 co-pay Acupuncture visits

  • $20 co-pay Therapeutic Massage Therapy visits

  • $20 co-pay Naturopathic Medical Doctor visits

  • up to $25/mo gym membership reimbursement


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